Healthy eating makes healthy children

Why Is Blood Flow To The Brain So Important?

What is going on in our Culture today? According to statistics 60% of all Americans are over-
weight, and walk less than 1.5 miles per day. An astounding 85% of all prescription drugs are
taken in the U.S. How does this affect our ability to live properly?

Let’s talk about depression. Many people in the U.S. suffer from depression. Children
and adults have been analyzed, and prescribed many different types of anti-depressants and
medications that are thought to help us thru life’s bumpy and miserable lows. What’s the truth
about depression? Why are so many American kids put on so much medication that they can
barely think when they go to school, or come to my Center?

I’m no expert and I certainly do not have a medical degree, but I can tell you that there are
two kinds of depression.

The first kind of depression is natural. Sadness is natural when something bad happens. In fact,
if you are finding yourself feeling good, when bad things happen- then I could argue something
is terribly wrong with you. This type of depression may also occur if you are not taking proper
care of your body. For example, if are drinking mass quantities of sugar and your body is obese
as a result, do you honestly think you will feel good or like what you see in the mirror. Will
we feel good if we don’t move and consume foods that are essentially toxic to your body? Of
course not. Medication will not change this essential truth- you must care for your body and
mind to feel alive and well.

The second type of depression is unnatural. It may come as a consequence of horrific
experiences, or it may just follow you around for no apparent reason. You have lots to be
grateful for, and yet, you are always feeling sad. This type of depression is the only type that
should be treated with medication (as a last resort). You are not depressed because your body
has been neglected or abused by toxic sugar, lack of movement etc.

Many of our children have horrific nutrition. Kids are filled up with juice that is loaded with
corn-syrup. They are consuming food that has very little nutritional value. These calories may
provide energy, but have very little value in terms of health. As our children grow we have seen
type II Diabetes surge like an epidemic. Attention Deficit Disorder has become common and the
madness continues to grow, as Autism has reached an all-time high.

Think before you feed your children unhealthy food. Consider a lifestyle change. Imagine
your family eating five servings of fruits, and vegetables per day. Healthy proteins cooked by
themselves without fatty sauces and preservatives. Whole grains are important, but not too
much. Feel free to indulge in sweets and pasta and delicious fast food- but do it in extreme

Remember that as children, in our prime we only absorb 40% of the nutrition we consume. This is the maximum absorption. As adults, we absorb even less of the nutrition that we consume. Chewing your food enables your body to absorb the nutrition better. These are the essential requirements of a healthy, happy body and lifestyle.

Wishing you all the best,

Denise J. Mastro
Director, Founder

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