ACT & Test Prep


ACT Tutoring 

We offer a full ACT tutoring program that is designed to get the students high scores in all 4 sections of the ACT (reading, writing, math, and science).  A customized ACT Prep program will be developed for your child.  Based on the students strengths and weaknesses we will design a program that includes at home practice (computer based and book practice) along with one-on-one sessions for Math, Science and Writing.  Often skills can be improved in a 3:1 setting to reduce cost and improve scores.  Reading speed is key to ensure that students can get thru all passages and have an opportunity to answer all the questions within the allotted time.

The ACT covers a wide range of core skills, to determine if your child can pass a university level course.    Because of this we recommend the student starting ACT prep in their Junior year and continue with this important work thru November of Senior year.  Since a high ACT score will render scholarship money and save thousands we try to plant a seed to keep working and strive for a score of 26 or higher.

ACT- What Universities Look At

Universities are looking at  variety of things when they receive a student application.  They look at the student GPA- of course, however the GPA is no longer an indicator that the student can pass a college level course.  Many Universities have student in remedial courses for reading, writing and math.  These are essentially high school courses administered by the university for no credit.  They are necessary because students are not academically prepared for higher education.  Universities are well aware of grade inflation in our Nation.

Universities are looking at the reputation of the high school. They rely on reputation as an indication of GPA value and worth.

Universities are looking at ACT scores to determine if students are academically capable of passing a college level course.


General Test Prep- students frequently need help today on how to focus, pay attention, re-read important information and in general study strategies to feel more confident and retain the subject matter.  Hopefully the student will have a study guide – but in this educational climate many teachers are too inept to provide or in most cases pass out only a day or two prior to the assessment.  


The tests we provide help for include:

  • ACT
  • GED Tutoring
  • TOEFL Tutoring
  • ASVAB Tutoring
  • TerraNova Tutoring