Football and Academics?

Let’s talk about Football!  I’m curious if anyone is aware of what is going on in high schools- across the country, when it comes to athletic sports, kids are spending 3-4 hours before and after school practicing, and are unable to dedicate any real effort to academics.  People do not talk about this, so I want to make you aware of these important issues.

Everyone knows that sometimes great athletes do not have very good grades- right?  But how does this evolve and snowball into a high school student, who is on the football team, with poor reading comprehension that equates to 4th grade level or lower?  How is it possible that a student is allowed and expected to practice early morning and evening, equating to a 13-14 hour day- leaving the poor kid exhausted, unable to do homework?  How does this relate to academics?

Why are students allowed to participate in sports if they have low assessment and test scores, and poor grades?  Apparently schools have shown their true colors!  Academics is not the objective, but rather appearance is everything!  Unfortunately this is not a Win-Win situation.  College football is nice if you obtain a scholarship- but what will this scholarship accomplish in the long run for most of these kids who begin college seriously below grade level?  What is going on??

Here’s the scoop- these kids need to survive.  Football survival skills don’t make the grade.  How about some basic rules and understanding for the elementary and high school arena- If assessment scores are low – NO FOOTBALL FOR YOU!

Grades are not a good indicator.  This is because an “A” in Chicago is a completely different “A” when compared to Glenco or Highland Park.  Grades have no meaning in most schools today.  That’s because the system is a complete disaster!!  Who knows what the teacher was doing in the classroom, and how does it relate to core foundational skills?

At the end of the day ask yourself these questions-

Can my child write effectively- this is important because people judge us by the way we write.

Can my child speak the Kings language properly- this is important because people judge us by the way we speak.

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