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Educational Philosophy

A Plus has been based and created, and operated on my fundamental educational beliefs. My Educational Philosophy is represented in our Team of teachers and aids who make the Center exceptional and so effective.  My staff of educators are on board with my point of view and execute proper instruction in a caring old-school fashion.  Our students are representative of American kids who are smart, caring, and worried about their future. .

I Believe….

That education flourishes only when student and teacher alike accept each other as they are, and respect each other for what they are.  I believe in the dignity, value and worth of each individual as a human person.  Education is achieved only thru the recognition that students have attitudes, desires, and abilities that differ widely.

...That the rapidly changing times present new standards, stresses, demands, and needs for both student an educator.  Hence I believe that the basic purpose of education is to provide an instrument through which the individual may realize self-respect, self-fulfillment and relevance in a dynamic society.  In order to accomplish this, it is necessary for the educator to be flexible and centered on the human needs of the students.

That collaboration is an essential foundation of learning; as an effective educator, I must foster a positive and nurturing environment that includes community, staff, families and students.  I believe that actions speak louder than words, that students will respond and meet high expectations when they feel welcome, safe, liked and appreciated in an atmosphere without judgement.

...That by setting expectations and goals, students will rise to the occasion.  The healthy environment I create helps foster self efficacy, allowing the students to achieve in my Center and in the world.  Students are guided through a discovery that promotes scholarly behavior thru example and appreciation for intellectual knowledge.  Academic, emotional and social growth is promoted.  Consequently, enlightenment changes the students perceptions opening a window for dreams, goals and productive behavior that is meaningful.

I believe  Courtesy is essential to self-respect and respecting the society we live in.

...I believe that students have ownership of their learning, take pride in hard work, and have a right to a  life that offers fulfillment and happiness.


Our Mission is clear and simple.  We want to help as many American children as we can.  We are patriots who believe in the middle class and the American heart and soul represented by our American children!