Math & Science Tutoring


Math Tutoring

Aplus offers both foundational and advanced math tutoring for grade school, middle school, high school, college, and adult learning.  Generally our students come in with a variety of needs.  Some simply want to improve their math skills while others need help preparing for big final exams or the math section of big tests like the ACT.

Therefore we offer the following math tutoring programs:

  • Aplus Foundational Math Program: Our math skills training program that teaches foundational math concepts starting with basic arithmetic and ending with basic algebra.
  • Aplus Advanced Math Program: Our advanced math skills training program that teaches advanced math concepts starting with intermediate algebra going all the way to calculus.
  • Homework & Customized Math Help: For students that only need help with specific areas of math such as their math homework or preparation for a math test, we can provide a tutor that will help with whatever the student needs.  We offer help for both basic math subjects and advanced math subjects such as statistics, advanced calculus, and linear algebra.

The math subjects we teach include the following

Basic Math Subjects Advanced Math Subjects College Math Subjects
Arithmetic Intermediate Algebra Statistics
Foundational Math Concepts & Skills Advanced Algebra Advanced Calculus
Geometry Trigonometry Linear Algebra
Pre-Algebra AP High School & Calculus 1 Differential Equations


Science, Chemistry, and Physics Tutoring

We offer tutoring for science subjects at grade school, middle school, high school and college levels.  Our science tutors hold advanced degrees in engineering and math and are capable of teaching both beggining science and advanced physics and chemistry.

We offer the following science subjects