Our Tutoring Programs

We have a fantastic Reading Writing and Math Program!  These programs are a 3:1 STUDENT /TEACHER RATIO.

  • Reading: Designed to improve comprehension, vocabulary and fluency.  Our Reading program includes phonics, vocabulary, speed/fluency and comprehension.  We teach reading strategies- and point out that often material needs to be re-read (depending on the complexity of the material).  
  • Writing: Designed to improve composition skills and make writing a stress free, clear, concise and to the point.
  • Basic  Math:  A Plus offers two fantastic programs.  Our first program is designed for a younger student base and adults who have forgotten the bare basics.  The basic 1st thru 8th grade skills are the focus of this foundation program.  Notes are key and used since students frequently forget skills that have not been practiced.  
  • Math 090:   This program is designed for students who have forgotten the basics and need to pass a college level course.  Our 090 program reviews all the basic skills and much much more!  Skills are taught in a step-by-step format with a notebook system to help recall.
  • ACT Prep:   Act prep will be customized for your  child.   It will be a combination of one on one tutoring, 3:1 practice ratio and at home studies that will include both computer and book practice.

Our Pricing

3:1 and 1:1 student/teacher ratio available: When tutoring, we offer both 1 on 1 sessions and sessions with a 3:1 student to teacher ratio.

Pay per session, Monthly, & Pre-Payment Options: Pay cash with service or pay by the month (for a reduced price).  Rates for each are below.

Student/Tutor Ratio Pay per session Monthly Payment 48 Session Pre-Payment ($1632)
Diagnostic Assessments: $100 (Special: Reduced to $65 with mention of this website)
3:1 Ratio $33 Per Session $27 Per Session $25.50 Per Session
1 on 1 $47 Per Session $42 Per Session $34 Per Session

*Special rate for single Mom’s of $25.00 per session.  Flexible payment arrangements can be arranged.

Compare us with Sylvan & Huntington

Student/Tutor Ratio A Plus Sylvan, & Huntington
3:1 Ratio $27 Per Session $42+ Per Session
1 on 1 $42 Per Session $65+ Per Session

A Plus is owner operated.
WE are educators, as opposed to businessmen.  Our goal is to advance our students.  Profit is not our main objective.


Features of Our Tutoring Programs

Each one of our programs has the following features.

  • A Learning Center Director and instructors who are certified teachers, trained in our proprietary instructional system.
  • Customized curriculum that tracks individual student progress each session.
  • Comprehensive 35 and 55 hour progress reports as your child’s progress is measured on tracked on a consistent basis.
  • Instructional materials from leading national publishers, which are constantly reevaluated and correlated to the individual student’s needs.
  • A history of creating success stories with at-risk youths and under-achieving students